Monkey 6!

General / 29 June 2020

Still goota fix some collisions but calling the high done after that!

Monkey 5!

General / 22 June 2020

some cloths booooooy!

Monkey 4!

General / 09 June 2020

Some knee and foot work, what you think?¿ 

Also, I'm working this one on a livestream at twitch, you can follow it here: 



Monkey 3!

General / 08 June 2020

Some body proportions and work on the hands!

Monkey 2!

General / 07 June 2020

Quite happy with the face for now. Moving to the body!


General / 04 June 2020

Neeew character coming up!


Pancake Hellboy VI

General / 24 May 2020

Still gotta fight a bit more with the hair, but after that, it's pretty much done!

Pancake Hellboy V

General / 22 May 2020

Still going to do quite a lot of material changes and some on thesilhouete as well, but getting there.

Pancake Hellboy IV

General / 20 May 2020

doing some textures!

Pancake Hellboy III

General / 16 May 2020

Done with the high poly! Also did this quick kinda poster on marmoset just for fun.