Pancacke Hellboy

Work In Progress / 10 May 2020

Started this hellboy model a few days ago, based on the concept by kian: 

Workin right know on face likeness mainly.

Hope you like it so far ;)

Soft edges 2

Work In Progress / 26 December 2018

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup?¿ Just a quick update on Angel Ganev design (

Already coloring it, just the hair and buttons left!!!!! Then go ahead to keyshot!! 

Hope you liking it, and in case you wanna chechk out the process, here's my twitch!:

Merry christmas and see ya!!


Flint 008

Work In Progress / 11 December 2018

How you all doing it?! 

Last stream we were playing with textures! This is how it is going so far! There's left to do a few more pieces like the boots, pants and shoes, the the hair, and finish it with some touches, and go ahead for keyshot render!

The idea is later on take it to pbr on marmoset, as well as on arnold renderer. Also in the arnold version, rig and animate it!

Hope you liking it, and see ya next time! 

Flint 002

Work In Progress / 02 December 2018

Hi you all! just a quick update, not too much change, but uploading it anyway!

Hope you like it and as always you can see the process live on:

See ya!

Flint? 001

Work In Progress / 01 December 2018

(I think he is mad because of not having anything there...)

HI! As  promised, new character under development! He is Flint, I'm not sure if the name will change xd.

Born in a rich family and lost in a vacancy trip, now is a shadow on the streets... 

So, the thing is he has facial paralisis, so he can't move anything on the face but the eyes and some minor movements. His fathers were rich, so, since he wasn't able to talk, his fathers ask the engineers to make this three mask mechanism that moves in relation with his feelings, in order to know how he felt. Now he is an assasin, and the mask, more than help, is a nightmare for those poors souls who see it. (all this happens in like a victorian age)

Hope you like the character as well for the background, as for the stetic. You can see the process here:

See ya!

Frowin 012

Work In Progress / 29 November 2018

Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone! He's on it! Now there's the render left and start the new fro member!

If you want to see how I created this character, frogan, and the new one, you can check my twitch channel:

Hope you enjoying it, and see ya!

Frowin 011

Work In Progress / 27 November 2018

Okey! the seat is finished! So now we just have to pose it and go ahead for the render!

I think all the fro gang is turning out cool, and hope you like it too!

You can see the process and talk with me on here:

See ya!

Frowin 010

Work In Progress / 26 November 2018

Crossbow all finished and painted! Now we're on the chair, started modeling it, and painted some things out! Still nedd to do some wood on the sides, and finish those lines. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAand the posing it! aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAaaAAAaaAAAAaAnd render! 

You can see the process onlive right here!:

Hope you liking it, and see ya!

(ps, next character is already under development...Chan chan chan!)

Frowin 009

Work In Progress / 25 November 2018

How's it going?

For my part, the crossbow it's almost finished, on las stream I did the wood, and now, it's time to paint it! Then the beetle and posing!

I'm thinking on doing the render on zbrush instead of keyshot this time...IDK

If you wanna see the process on live, just check this out:

Frowin 007

Work In Progress / 21 November 2018

Soooo pooolyyypaaaaiiintiiiiing!!!!!!!!! 

There's only left to do the goddamn crossbow, and posing for the render on keyshot!

And yeah, i puted an extre image just for the shield, 'cuase I mean, look at that wood... It's just gorgeousasdfhg.......

Hope you liking it as much as I do, and if you want to see the process, just get sure to chechk this out:

And see ya!