Edward Elric 004

General / 21 January 2019

Hi! Just a quick update as the last one! He?s almost completely dress up, and I'm starting the mechanical parts!

I'm having some troubles imagining and learning how the mechanical articulations works, but so far so good!

Hope you like it, and see ya!

Edward Elric 003

General / 20 January 2019

So just a quick update on edward! I'm starting to dress him up! I dunno why, But I'fucking wanna make the trousers already!

See ya!

ps(There's also a turntable video!)

Edward Elric 002

General / 20 January 2019

Hi! Just an upload from Edward!

Wow... The truth is that seeing this version in comparison with the first version... man I'dunno how I even thought on upload the last one... Any way, after an odissey, I've got to a point, that for now works for me! (just talking of the face)

BTW, I've also upload a video with the process of building the body anatomy! So get sure to check that out!

As always, you can chat with me and see my process right here: https://www.twitch.tv/alexaznar

See ya!

Edward Elric 001

General / 14 January 2019

Hi! I'm rewatchin full metal alchemist brotherhood, and I had the necesity of makin edward! 

I'm doing it on stream, and these are two images of the process (one for each stream)

I'm looking to get a nice likeness but giving it a more realistic look. The face doesen't totally convince me, but not going to bad.

Any thoughts and feedback are welcome!

See ya!

twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/alexaznar

Flint PBR 001

General / 10 January 2019

Hi! Trying to take Flint into PBR! This is my first time taking a character into pbr, but so far so god!

I can already see some mistakes, so I'll fix that!

The idea is put it into marmoset and upload that here!

Hope you liking it, give me all the feedback you want, and see ya!

Arashiyama Garu

General / 02 January 2019


I've recently read Arashiyama! and I liked it so much that I had to sculpt something of it! and Garu winned over the other characters!

Arashiyama is a manga from Fidel and dani (http://senseidani.com/  ) I totaly recommend it to you!

If you want to see the process you can check out my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/alexaznar as well as dani's: https://www.twitch.tv/senseidani

Next update will be it finished, so if you want to see how do I color it, get sure to check twitch!

Have a nice christmas and see ya!

Flint 007

General / 07 December 2018

Suuuuup?! More details!!!!! The hair stills to much wip-ish xd, but evrythin else is loking gooood!

In case you wanna see the process, just check this out!: https://www.twitch.tv/alexaznar

Hope you like it, and see ya next time!

Flint 006

General / 06 December 2018

Im fucking in love with how it is looking.... You like it as much as me or is just me who likes it? 

There's left to make some details and the wo ahead to color it! Then retopo and bake! I?m not sure if I'm panting it on zbrush, or 3d coat or substance or a mix... I'll see..

You can see the process right here!: https://www.twitch.tv/alexaznar

See ya!

Flint 005

General / 05 December 2018

Hey! There's actually not too much change, but there is some things. Not major changes because the boot looks easy, and it is, but requires some time, sooo, almost all the stream was that! also I made the knife... 

I made it by using Zmodeler and panel loops, just trying to make better topology on zbrush! It's pretty useful.

You can see the process live, and chat with me here: https://www.twitch.tv/alexaznar

See ya!

Flint 004

General / 04 December 2018

Hi again! Baically did the hair and one shoe, also the knifes belt, not too many changes, just a lil update!

Hope you like it, and in case you want to see how I'm making him, just check out this:  https://www.twitch.tv/alexaznar

see ya!