Pancake Hellboy VI

General / 24 May 2020

Still gotta fight a bit more with the hair, but after that, it's pretty much done!

Pancake Hellboy V

General / 22 May 2020

Still going to do quite a lot of material changes and some on thesilhouete as well, but getting there.

Pancake Hellboy IV

General / 20 May 2020

doing some textures!

Pancake Hellboy III

General / 16 May 2020

Done with the high poly! Also did this quick kinda poster on marmoset just for fun.

Pancake Hellboy II

General / 14 May 2020

Some updates on the higpoly, close to calling it done. gotta fix some stuff though.

Piper the boy 04

General / 05 April 2020

Done with textures! Maybe I'll change some of the proportions, but gonna work on the rats for a while, and look at it again being more fresh.

Concept by Taylor Lee: 

Piper the boy 03

General / 20 March 2020

Some skin work ;)

Piper the boy 02

General / 15 March 2020

Another update on my current character.

Mainly did the first pass on the textures for cloths and barrel. Next on the list is to strart with the skin, and then do a genereal pass to wrap it all.

Concept by the awesome Taylor Lee: 

piper the boy

General / 01 March 2020

just uploading a wip from the character I'm working on ;)

Edward Elric 004

General / 21 January 2019

Hi! Just a quick update as the last one! He?s almost completely dress up, and I'm starting the mechanical parts!

I'm having some troubles imagining and learning how the mechanical articulations works, but so far so good!

Hope you like it, and see ya!